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Model Club E

Category: Family Activity

1:00pm–3:00pm (2h) Cudworth Public Library

Model Club is open to all ages.

Playschool Storytime P

Category: Playschool

2:00pm–2:30pm (30min) Porcupine Plain Public Library

Family Puzzle Group E

Category: Family Activity, Seniors Activity

2:00pm–5:00pm (3h) Pilger Public Library

Come put a puzzle togther while enjoying conversation, coffee, or hot chocolate. For all ages!

Scrabble at the Library AS

Category: Adult Activity

2:00pm–3:00pm (1h) Shellbrook Public Library

Puzzle Group AS

Category: Clubs and Groups

2:00pm–5:00pm (3h) Marcelin Public Library

Drop in for some jigsaw puzzle fun!

After School Activity K

Category: After School Activity

3:00pm–5:00pm (2h) Christopher Lake Public Library

Lego, computers, books, games, and crafts for kids ages 6 - 14.

Adult Crafts AS

Category: Adult Crafts

7:00pm–8:00pm (1h) Gronlid Public Library

Adult card-making craft. Create 2 kid's birthday cards for $5. Refreshments available.


Adult Crafts AS

Category: Adult Crafts

10:00am–12:00pm (2h) Blaine Lake Public Library

Storytime P

Category: Storytime

10:00am–10:30am (30min) Spiritwood Public Library
10:30am–11:30am (1h) Shellbrook Public Library

Storytime is for kids ages 2 - 6.

2:00pm–3:00pm (1h) Naicam Public Library

Storytime for kids ages 3 - 5 (not yet in kindergarten) is chock full of stories, nursery rhymes, games, and crafts!

Afternoon Book Club AS

Category: Clubs and Groups

2:00pm–3:30pm (1h 30min) Shellbrook Public Library

This month's book: A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian by Marine Lewycka.

Knitting and Crochet Club E

Category: Family Crafts, Seniors Activity

3:00pm–6:00pm (3h) Pilger Public Library

Craft for all ages! Come knit or crochet 8-inch squares while you visit! (You may also drop off your squares any time the library is open.)

Informational Workshop EAS

Category: Classes

4:00pm–6:00pm (2h) Vonda Public Library

A Loom lesson for all ages.

Kids Club K

Category: Kids Activity

6:00pm–9:00pm (3h) Prairie River Public Library

Friday Night Knitters E

Category: Family Crafts

7:00pm–8:00pm (1h) Naicam Public Library

All ages welcome to join this group!


Board Games E

Category: Games

10:00am–2:00pm (4h) Marcelin Public Library

Every Saturday is Game Time! Drop in for family board games.

Kids Online STEM Games K

Category: Kids Activity

11:30am–2:00pm (2h 30min) Marcelin Public Library

Family Board Games E

Category: Family Activity

1:00pm–4:00pm (3h) Blaine Lake Public Library

French Storytime P

Category: Storytime

10:30am–12:00pm (1h 30min) Vonda Public Library