Article  I:


1.1 Organization:  The organization is a corporation and shall be known as the Wapiti Regional Library, constituted under the Public Libraries Act and Regulations, 1996, as amended.

1.2 Title:  These bylaws shall be cited as the Wapiti Regional Library Bylaws, 2001.

1.3 Association:  The municipalities of the Wapiti Regional Library agree to associate and participate with each other in the operation of the Wapiti Regional Library.

1.4 Definitions:

1) Act and/or Regulations - refers to the Public Libraries Act, 1996 S.S. 1996, c. P-39.2, as am. by S.S. 1998, c. P-42.1; and S.S. 2000, c. 22

2) Region - refers to the Wapiti Regional Library.

3) Regional Board - refers to the Wapiti Regional Library Board.

4) Executive - refers to the Wapiti Regional Library Executive Committee

Article II:


2.1 Provincial Mission:  The Wapiti Regional Library endorses the purposes of the provincial library system:

    a) facilitate equitable access to basic library service by all residents of Saskatchewan.        [2.3(2)]

    b) ensure the existence and availability of:

Saskatchewan union catalogue

Interlibrary loans

Reciprocal borrowing

Autonomous library boards

Article  III:


3.1 Responsibility:  The management, control and operation of the Wapiti Regional Library shall be under the supervision and direction of the Wapiti Regional Library Board constituted and with powers, duties and responsibilities as set out in the Act and Regulations. [32]

3.2 Appointment:  Each municipality shall appoint a member to the regional board, one (1) member/5,000 population or fraction thereof. [32 (1)]

3.3 Membership:  Each member of the regional board shall be a member of a local library board.  [32 (3)]

3.4 Tenure:  A member of the board shall hold office for a term of two (2) years commencing on the date of the annual meeting of the regional board next following the appointment, and until his or her successor is appointed. [32 (5)]

3.5 Absenteeism:  If a board member is unable to attend a regional board meeting an alternate board member may be appointed in writing by the municipality. [32 (6) and (7)]

3.6 Regional Board and Executive Powers:  The regional board and executive may acquire, rent or lease and maintain lands and buildings, or erect buildings; sell, exchange, lease or otherwise dispose of lands or buildings; borrow on the security of its assets for the purpose of operating the public library or for the purchase of equipment; establish and maintain a capital fund, or invest in any security or class of securities pursuant to the Financial Administration Act, dispose of investments; accept gifts, grants, or bequests; act as a trustee; enter into any agreements for the purposes of performing the duties imposed and exercising the powers conferred on it by the Act; and do anything that it considers necessary or incidental to carrying out its duties.

The regional board and executive may:  designate regional reference centers, establish or dissolve branches and enter into agreements with other organization or Aboriginal Band for the purpose of providing public library services.

3.7 Regional Board and Executive Duties:  It is the duty of the regional board and executive to:  provide public library services to the residents of Saskatchewan within the area it serves; subject to the approval of the minister, to designate the location of the headquarters of the regional library; to appoint staff, to prepare policies to govern the operations of its libraries; to establish and enforce bylaws; to administer regulations on the use of libraries and materials; and to keep records and accounts as provided in the Act and Regulations.  The regional board shall not be responsible for any disruption of services due to acts of God or other cause for which the regional library board is not responsible.

3.8  Annual Meeting:  The annual meeting of the regional board shall be held between January 1 and May 15 of each year. [35 (1)]

3.9 Chair/Vice Chair Duties:  The Chair/Vice Chair shall be elected at the annual meeting.  In the absence of the Chairman the Vice-Chairman shall assume the duties.  [33 (1)]

3.10 Resolutions:  At the annual meeting, resolutions shall be accepted in writing by the Regional Director and/or Resolution Committee until the beginning of the afternoon session.

3.11 Non-members/Guests:  Non-members or guests will be allowed to attend the annual meeting at the invitation of the executive or regional board.

3.12 Voting Privileges:  A member of the regional board shall be entitled to one (1) vote.

3.13 Secretary:  The Regional Director shall be secretary to the regional board, executive and all committees. [34]

3.14 Meeting Procedures:  The conduct of all meetings shall be based on the Public Libraries Act and Regulations 1996, as amended, the Wapiti Regional Library Bylaws, the Wapiti Policy Manual and Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised. 

Article  IV:


4.1 Executive Committee Membership:  The Wapiti Regional Library Board shall at the annual meeting elect from its members twelve (12) Executive Committee members as follows:

    City of Humboldt - 1 member

    City of Melfort - 1 member

    City of Prince Albert - 3 members

    A-Towns - 1 member

    B Towns - 1 member

    Villages - 1 member

    RMs - 3 members

    Aboriginal Bands - 1 member

    And, from this number a Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall be elected. [33]

4.2 Quorum:  At all meetings of the executive, 51% of the total membership shall form the quorum.  [36]

4.3 Tenure:  The tenure of the Chairman and Vice Chairman shall be limited to six (6) consecutive terms.

4.4 Meetings:  The executive shall meet at a time and place set by the Chairman, with notice of the meetings and agenda provided at least one (1) week prior to the meeting.

4.5 Length of Service:  Executive members shall serve from annual meeting to annual meeting.

4.6 Absenteeism:  An executive member who is absent for three (3) successive Executive Committee meetings without “just cause” shall cease to be a member.

4.7 Executive Vacancies:  The executive is empowered to fill any Executive Committee vacancies.

4.8 Voting:  The Chairman and Vice Chairman have full voting privileges.

Article  V:


5.1 Responsibility:  The public library facility shall be provided by municipalities in accordance with the standards prescribed in the Act and Regulations, and the Wapiti Policy Manual. [41]

5.2 Buildings:  Municipalities shall provide for the care, housing and distribution of library materials in an adequately lit, heated and maintained building.  It shall include secure space for:

Browsing and study

Storage of the collection

Circulation of the collection

5.3 Location:  The executive in consultation with the municipality and local library board shall establish the location of the library facility, near the center of the city, town, village or hamlet.  The library shall be located on the ground floor, with direct exterior public access and all resources be accessible by all patrons.  [41 (2)] 

Article  VI:


The Wapiti Regional Library Board hereby enacts the following bylaw pursuant to Sections 68(2), 69(5), 71 of The Public Libraries Act, 1996 of the Province of Saskatchewan.

6.1 Purpose and Objective:The library’s purpose and objective in enacting this bylaw is to maintain a safe environment for all staff and patrons of the library, and to protect and preserve property under its control.

6.2  Definitions: In this bylaw

a) ‘Act’ means The Public Libraries Act, 1996 of the Province of Saskatchewan.

b) ‘Board’ means the Wapiti Regional Library Board.

c) ‘Director’ means the Regional Director of the Wapiti Regional Library or any person designated by the Regional Director to administer this bylaw.

d) ‘Library’ means the Wapiti Regional Library, including any building/branch from which the Wapiti Regional Library operates a library service.

e) ‘Person in charge’ means the person in charge of a library at any given time.

6.3 Conduct of Patrons:Patrons shall not exhibit rude or disorderly behaviour while on library premises by making undue noise, physical disruption, being intoxicated, being verbally abusive, engaging in sexual misconduct or harassment, stalking, voyeurism, or otherwise interfering with another's use and enjoyment of the library. Such conduct may be subject to proceedings pursuant to the Criminal Code where applicable.

1.     It is an offence pursuant to The Public Libraries Act, 1996 and the Criminal Code to steal, vandalize, mutilate, or destroy library property including but not limited to, books, magazines, materials or equipment. Such an offence may be punishable by criminal conviction, fine, or both.

2.     While on library premises no patron shall, without the previous authorization of the Branch Librarian and/or the Regional Director

a)    Offer for sale or distribute any newspaper, magazine, pamphlet, leaflet, printed material or matter of any kind.

b)    Beg or solicit for any purposes.

c)     Post any letter, poster or notice.

3.     Patrons shall not

a)    Enter unauthorized areas on library premises.

b)    Enter library premises when banned.

4.     Except for guide dogs and medically sanctioned animals, patrons shall not bring animals into the library. Patrons may be asked to provide medical authorization.

5.     All patrons of the library shall comply with applicable public health codes and regulations.

6.     The library reserves the right to require children on library premises be accompanied by an adult.

7.     Except for library staff and persons authorized by the library, patrons shall promptly leave the library at closing times.

8.     Requests to Leave

a)    The Person in Charge of the library may direct any person acting in contravention of this bylaw to leave.

6.4 Consequences: If a person contravenes any provision of this bylaw

a) The person in charge may:

i) Suspend the patron’s borrowing privileges for the remainder of the day.

ii) Prohibit the person from entering the library for the remainder of the day.

iii) Call the police for assistance. They may lay charges under the Criminal Code.

b) The Local Library Board with the support of the Regional Director may:

                           i) Suspend the patron’s borrowing privileges.

ii) Prohibit the person from entering the library for a specified period of time.

                           iii) Initiate a prosecution under The Public Libraries Act, 1996.

iv) Call the police for assistance. They may lay charges under the Criminal Code.

6.5 Enactment: This bylaw comes into force upon the day it is passed.

ENACTED by the Board the 30th day of April, 2016

Article  VII:


7.1 Provincial Grant:  Headquarters shall be financed by grants from the Provincial government to support headquarters operations and promote resource sharing.  [Regulations 21.4 and 21.6 (5)]

7.2 Municipal Levies:

               a) Municipal levies shall be paid by:

                                  City of Prince Albert

                                  City of Humboldt

                                  City of Melfort

                                  A Towns



                                  Rural Municipalities

                                  Aboriginal Bands

                                  Special Contracts

The RMTV category shall continue as a group to share revenue, in accordance with its long standing tradition, using the Saskatchewan Municipal Directory to obtain the total population – hence levies for the category.

b) The total budgeted costs of operating headquarters shall be deducted from the total provincial grants and other revenues.

c) The per capita levy for each Category shall be the total operating costs of that Category divided by the population of that Category. The per capita levy in the RMTV Category may be set at different levels for Towns, Villages, and RMs.

d) Population: All population statistics shall be based on the Saskatchewan Municipal Directory.

e) A Category may budget as a portion of operating costs a transfer of funds to another Category for resource sharing, usage, and/or regional initiatives to be voted on at the annual meeting by the members of the Wapiti Regional Library Board who belong to that Category.

7.3 Municipal Levies:  Levies shall be established at the annual meeting. The Executive Committee proposes the RMTV Budget and Levies. Members of the RMTV Category shall vote on the RMTV budget and levy prior to the consideration of the entire Budget. If fifty-one (51%) of the RMTV members present approve the budget and levy, it shall be deemed in effect. The other Category budgets are set by their Category library board and therefore those budgets do not need to be passed separately at the annual meeting.

7.4 Levy Payments:  The levy shall be paid by each municipality as follows:

1. The first installment shall be equal to the second installment of the previous year and shall be paid by January 31 of each year.

2. The second installment balance of the levy shall be paid by July 31 of each year.

3. Unpaid levies shall be charged 1% per month or portion thereof.

 7.5 Special Contracts/Joint Venture Libraries:  A contract may be established for a municipality purchasing additional services, including hours.  Act Section 29 (3) and 80 (1)]

7.6 Non Payment of Levy:  Pursuant to the Act and Regulations, a “reasonable condition” for service is payment of the levy.  The Wapiti Regional Library Board shall withdraw public library service from residents of municipalities that do not pay their levy within sixty (60) days of the due date. [6 (1)] 

Article  VIII:


8.1 Fees for Service:  Every resident of Saskatchewan is entitled to borrow directly or by interlibrary loan, library materials held by any public library in Saskatchewan, subject to any reasonable conditions, other than the payment of a fee, that may be imposed by the Board.  No library board shall charge a fee for borrowing books and/or other print material. [6]

However, a library board may charge fees for the following services:

    Mailing of AV material

    Lending original paintings, drawings, prints and/or reproductions

    Printing and/or photocopying

    Lending audio-visual or other equipment

    Enhanced research by library staff and related costs

8.2 Overdue Fines:  The Wapiti Regional Library shall charge overdue fines.

Article  IX:


9.1 Dissolution:  In the event of the discontinuance of the Wapiti Regional Library or the dissolution of the Wapiti Regional Library board, the affairs and assets of the Wapiti Regional Library will be disposed of in accordance with the Act and Regulations.  [Act 31, Regulations 13]

Article X:


10.1 Conditions:  Any terms or conditions of these bylaws that are or are held to be void, prohibited, unenforceable or inconsistent with the provisions of the Act and Regulations, is severable from the agreement without in any way invalidating the remaining terms or conditions of the bylaws.

10.2 Legality:  The bylaws are constructed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Saskatchewan.

Article XI:

Title: Amendments of Bylaws

11.1 Bylaw amendments require a notice of motion. Such motion shall include a brief but representative statement of the specific change proposed. Motions that are amended beyond the scope given in the original notice invalidate that notice of motion.

11.2 Bylaw amendments shall be delivered in writing to Wapiti Regional Library Headquarters, no less than 60 days prior to the meeting for which notice of motion was previously given.

11.3 Bylaw amendments shall be distributed to the regional representative along with the information package for that meeting, or 30 days prior to the meeting, whichever is closer to the meeting date for which notice of motion was previously given.

11.4 To be adopted, Bylaw amendments require a two-thirds (2/3) vote.